Meet The Team

Krista Fisher RMT/Owner

Krista has worked with athletes, clients with chronic and acute pain, clients with work related injuries and those clients needing stress relief. Her treatments combine therapeutic and holistic techniques specifically with cupping methods, hot stones, Active and passive Release to allow for specific deep tissue work, she also incorporates gentle stretching techniques, myofascial release and sport massage.
Krista’s personal life reflects a lot in how she handles her work life. Krista very much believes in practising what she preaches by investing a lot of time and effort into her own health and wellness. Alot of her own personal activities are spent taking care of her own wellness. Krista is an avid runner, loves spin, strength training , and anything really to do with keeping your body and mind moving and feeling healthy.



Holly Skinner RMT

Holly specializes in relaxation and therapeutic massage, Combined with her Kinesiology diploma, she has the skills and knowledge to work with a variety of soft tissue concerns including sports injuries and related issues.





Corinne Sliworsky RMT

Corinne has been a active Massage Therapist with MTHC Since 2010. She is passionate about her ability to help improve her clients well being. Her combination of therapeutic massage, cupping and myofascial release create effective results in alleviating the clients current complaints. She is a strong advocate of helping to improve chronic ailments by educating clients with easy self help exercises for strengthening or stretching. She is a strong promoter of yoga as yoga encompasses benefits to the emotional, physical and spiritual self. Corinne is Certified in: Advanced techniques for Lower Back & Hip, Advanced techniques Neck for &Upper back, Advanced Techniques for Shoulder & Rotator Cuff Decompression release of Upper &Lower body, Hot Stone Therapy, Myofascial Cupping



Amber Roskell RMT

Amber has a passion for treating chronic pain and overuse injuries. She has formal training in relaxation & therapeutic massage, taping, reflexology, visceral manipulation and lensen therapy. Amber uses a blended approach of traditional massage and osteopathic techniques to target the source of musculoskeletal dysfunction.







Payten Welch RMT

Payten is a Registered Massage Therapist, she specializes in Relaxation Massage, Cupping and Hot Stone. She also enjoys using essential oils to calm the mind and body.
Payten has a big love for animals enjoys walking her dog daily. She is interested in health and nutrition as well as yoga and meditation.






Nicole Stenvig – RMT

Nicki is a Registered Massage therapist passionate about helping people on their healing journey. She specializes in Deep tissue, hot stone, relaxation and pregnancy massage.







Aimee Movold – Acupuncturist

Bio coming soon…







Donata Eigenseher – Acupuncturist

Donata Eigenseher is a Registered Acupuncturist, she is passionate about promoting a healthy balance within the body to encourage harmony and promote the treatment and prevention of illness and injury.
When working with Donata you will be in a calm space. The healing is purposeful and designed for each individuals specific needs.
Donata is also a American Sign Language interpreter, a Meditation teacher and as family constellation facilitator. When Donata is not working she enjoys family life with her husband and four children, taking care of her honey bees and spending time with friends. Call Massage Therapy & Holistic Centre to book your appointment.




Erin Anton – Reiki

“Erin in an intuitive healer and Usui Reiki Master who is deeply passionate about meditation and breath. Integrating these techniques and holding a safe space for all, she empowers each client’s individual healing journey.”






Jo Matthews – Ayurveda

Bio Coming Soon…